Saturday, August 6, 2016

August 2016 Match Results

We had a beautiful warm day and a very nice turnout. Scores in both rifle and pistol were very close and very high!  I'm glad to see the pistol scores getting really good, competition is hot!  I had a good day with my 1903A1 but Tim was hot on my heels with his 1917, and Curtis shot one of his best scores with his swede.  Eric Johnson brought out a neat restored Norwegian Krag Carbine that was just beautiful that shot very well and also had danish krag long rifle for show.  Bob G rounded out the top 5 and his scores have been steadily improving.  In pistol again, Tim was hot on my heels, and Eric shot a great score with his 45 colt SAA.  Bob and Allen were right behind.

Next month will be a 60 shot match with the theme of ww2 or before sniper rifles.  We will do 5 shot rapid fire strings instead of 10 shot strings.  We will still have the pistol match afterward as usual.

Rifle Results:

Frank Burke 1903A1 196-15x
Tim Roark US 1917 193-12V
Curtis Choy 1896 Swede 187-2V
Eric Johnson Norwegian Krag 186-5V
Bob G. M1 183-5V
Bob Etzkorn 1903Mark 1 179-8V
Allen Flanagan 179-5V
Allen Harper M1 177-8V
Niko Grimanis Turk Mauser 164-1V
Steve Christiansen 1903A3 148-2V

Pistol Results:

Frank Burke Colt 1903 473-31x
Tim Roark HiPower 472-29x
Eric Johnson SAA 462-13X
Bob Etzkorn M&P 455-15x
Allen Flanagan 1911A1 450-15x
Allen Harper 1911A1 437-6x
Curtis Choy Yugo M-57 433-5x
Niko Grimanis S&W M-10 417-9x
Steve Christiansen SAA 365-7X

Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2016 match results

What a great 4th of July weekend.  Warm, sunny just perfect.  We had a nice turnout of 11 shooters.  Theme was foreign bolt and it turned out we had three swedes, a swiss and a mosin.  Swedes took three of the top four spots.  Welcome to Mark who came and shot a carbine for the first time.  Welcome back to Ted who has been shooting serious matches for a while. Scores were good today, I was able to set a new record for rapid fire prone with bolt gun with a 100-9V upping the previous record by Alan Flanagan of 100-6V.  Pistol match had 9 shooters and Olivia came and shot her VZ-61 skorpion for the first time in a year.  Pistol scores were very close with only 7 points separating the top four shooters.  Curtis shot a great score with his Makarov.  Next month is a 40 shot match, no theme followed by the pistol match.

Rifle Results:

Frank Burke M-96 389-25V
Eric Johnson M-38 swede 378-16V
Ted Schrader M1 364-10V
Allen Harper M-96 361-10V
Bob Griepenburg M1 354
Allen Flanagan 96/11 swiss 353-8V
Steven Christiansen 1903A3 347-5V
Curtis Choy M-44 293
Mark Lexa M1 Carbine 270

Tim Roark AR-15 7.62x39 382-10V
Ed Perry AR-15 367-14V

Pistol Results:

Frank Burke Webley MkVI 472-23X
Tim Roark HiPower 471-25X
Eric Johnson Lahti M-40 466-16X
Olivia Burke VZ-61 465-20X
Ed Perry SAA 415-8X
Curtis Choy Makarov 389-2X
Allen Harper 1911A1 374-5X
Bob Griepenburg 92FS 368-5X

Saturday, June 4, 2016

June 2016 Rifle/Pistol Results

Had just a beautiful day with a slight breeze and while it was hot it wasn't terrible and I had brought some ice water in a jug that kept everyone hydrated.  We saw Dean back in action, it's been quite a while and welcomed Bob G who shot a very respectable prone rifle score for his first time out with his M1.  Curtis shot one of his best rifle scores ever, and Eric brought out a neat Finn M-24 with sig barrel. In pistol Eric shot a very nice score with his remington rand ww2 era 1911A1. Next month will be "Foreign Bolt" and will be an 80 shot match followed by the pistol match, hope to see you there.

Rifle Results:

Frank Burke 1898 Krag 194-5V
Bob Etzkorn K-31 188-5V
Curtis Choy Swiss 1911 185-5V
Eric Johnson M-24 finn 183-7V
Allen Flanagan Ishapore 2A1 176-5V
Bob Griepenburg M1 173-1V
Dean Wygal M1 170-3V
Steve Christiansen 1903A3 164-7V

Pistol Results

Frank Burke SAA 478-37X
Eric Johnson 1911A1 460-19X
Allen Flanagan Victory Model 442-12X
Curtis Choy 1911A1 430-9X
Steve Christiansen SAA 395-4X

Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 2016 Results

Perfect weather today and 7 shooters.  Rifle of the month was "semi auto battle rifle" and everyone was shooting one.  I just barely out v'd allen for the top spot, he had a great score, and Tim was right behind us for third.  In Pistol Tim was right behind me for second, and Eric had a very nice score for third with his new Vaquero SAA in 44-40, very bright and shiny, maybe not the best for a sunny day, but definite style points. Max came and shot the VZ-61 and did well, especially after not having shot anything for two years. Allen had a problem with his 1911 and had to stop but it was easily fixed after the match.   Cool item of the day was Curtis' Russian motorcycle with side-car, a copy of 1941 german military design with the side car having a driven wheel, very neat.  Next month, is a 40 shot match, no theme, and then pistol followed right after.

Rifle Results:

Frank Burke SP-1 388-18V
Allen Flanagan M-1 388-11V
Tim Roark M1 381-13V
Eric Johnson SP-1 368-9V
Allen Harper M1A 365-13V
Curtis Choy M1A 352-11V
Steve Christiansen M1 325-2V

Pistol Results:

Frank Burke VZ-61 473-28X
Tim Roark M-9 470-29X
Eric Johnson SAA 449-13X
Steve Christiansen SAA 377-2X
Max Burke VZ-61 368-5X
Alen Harper 1911A1 367-5X
Allen Flanagan 1911 DNF

Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2016 results

We had beautiful weather today.  It was nice to see Bob and Tim back.  There was no theme today.  Tim brought out his 16" AR rifle for fun, it has a forward mounted 2x pistol scope and did quite well.  I managed to beat him by a single point with my rusty old Swiss M-96/11, but Allen was right behind.  Curtis did quite well even though he was struggling with some ligament issues in his trigger finger.  In pistol, we had great scores as well with Tim nearly getting me with his Beretta M-9, with only X's making the difference. Curtis and Bob also shot very well to round out the top four.  Welcome back to Dan, he brought a nice ed brown 1911 match gun to shoot for fun in the pistol match, hope to see you again.

Next month will be an 80 shot match with the theme "vintage semi auto battle rifles"

Rifle Results:

Frank Burke Swiss 96/11 195-14V
Tim Roark AR-15 194-15V
Allen Flanagan M1 191-4V
Curtis Choy Swede 96 183-3V
Bob Etzkorn M1 177-5V
Steve Christiansen 1903A3 164-2V
Dan Lurvey M1 163-3V
Ed Perry M1A DNF

Pistol Results:

Frank Burke NZ marked Victory Model 474-30X
Tim Roark M-9 474-21X
Bob Etzkorn Victory Model 458-20X
Curtis Choy 1911 437-8X
Allen Flanagan Hi-Power 435-11X
Ed Perry SAA 424-9X
Steve Christiansen SAA 400-7X
Dan Lurvey 1911(ed brown custom) 451-15X

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 2016 Results

Weather held off today and we just got a bit of sprinkle on the last stage of the pistol match.  We had 7 shooters for the first match and all but one was shooting the rifle of the month, springfield rifles.  It was nice to see Jason again.  Allen shot a very nice score and a great V count to win the rifle match, congrats!  Pistol had four shooters with a mix of weapons from a Norwegian contract Belgian Nagant pistol from 1893 to a star super B.  Curtis shot his best score ever!

Thanks to all who came, next month will be a 40 shot match, no theme, followed by pistol.


Rifle Results:

Allen Flanagan 1903 388-24V 
Frank Burke 1903A3 386-16V
Ted Schrader 1903 172-11V
Jason LeCorre 1903A3 366-10V
Allen Harper 1903 360-11V
Steve Christiansen 1903A3 351-8V
Curtis Choy 91/30 nagant 322-6V

Pistol Results:

Frank Burke Norwegian Nagant 478-33X
Allen Flanagan Hi-Power 447-15X
Curtis Choy Star Super B 435-9X
Steven Christiansen SAA 336-6X

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Feb 2016 Target built and rapid fire match

Thanks to the five shooters who showed up to help and to shoot, we got the targets built and finished before noon.  Surprisingly nobody shot a bolt gun....I'm sure if Curtis was here he would have shot his M-44 mosin...

Here are the results, course was 5 sighters and 30 shots for record in 3 minutes.

Frank Burke SP-1 148-8V
Allen Flanagan M1 144-8V
Eric Johnson SP-1 139-2V
Steve Christiansen M1 136-0V
Allen Harper M1A 132-1V
Ed Perry AR-15 126-0V