Saturday, April 7, 2018

April 2018 results

Wind didn't turn out to be much of a problem today, six shooters showed up to brave the forecast and theme was Mauser.  Allen brought a neat VZ-24 export rifle for south america in 7mm mauser, Curtis and I both shot swede 96's and Eric brought a neat Norwegian capture K98K rifle that was rebarreled in 30-06 post war and called a K98KF1 I think.  Congrats to the top shooters, I tried my best to give them a chance:)  Pistol was a lot of fun, we really got drenched for about 15 minutes, then it got sunny, oh well, as Allen said it rained in Stalingrad.  Pistol scores were great today especially considering the rainy conditions.



Frank Burke Swede 96 188-5V
Allen Flanagan VZ-24 184-6V
Curtis Choy Swede 96 184-5V
Eric Johnson K98KF1 182-5V
Bob Griepenburg M1 180-6V
Steve C. 1903A3 173-1V


Frank Burke VZ-61 477-31X
Bob G 1911A1 465-28X
Eric Johnson 1917 465-11X
Allen Flanagan Nagant 457-17X
Curtis Choy P-38 414-13X
Steve Christianson SAA 387-13X

Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 2018 Results

It was nice to see everyone again, weather was very nice if a bit cold.  The new dividing wall I had worked for a few years to get installed was finally put in and it was great to not have to worry about the bench shooters and just do our match un hindered.  Theme this month was Mosin and was represented by two finn M-39's and a nice Finn M-28-30.   Congrats to Allen and Eric in Rifle, and congrats to Eric and Curtis in Pistol! All pistol scores were above 400 this month!   I had not shot anything since Ocboter and was feeling definitely rusty but the M-39 shot really well for me, and my Norwegian nagant also did quite well despite me doing my best to throw shots.  Next month will be 40 shots and the theme will be Mauser.   Hope to see a bit bigger turnout.   Targets are in ok shape for another match but probably need a build party before the May match.  See you then.

Rifle results:

Frank Burke M-39 388-19V
Allen Flanagan M1 377-12V
Eric Johnson M-28-30 371-15V
Steve Christianson 1903A3 353-6V
Allen Harper M1 343-7V
Curtis Choy M-39 323-6V

Pistol Results:

Frank Burke Norwegian Nagant 476-23x
Eric Johnson M-40 Lahti 464-22x
Curtis Choy FEG Highpower 434-12x
Allen Harper HiPower 428-13x
Steve Christianson SAA 419-5x
Allen Flanagan Nagant Revolver 411-2x

Saturday, October 7, 2017

October 2017 Match results

We had a very nice turnout of 10 shooters for the final match of the year.  A deer kept crossing back and forth that delayed the first relay somewhat but it all worked out ok.  Eric brought a really neat Hotchkiss rifle to shoot.  This was a Navy contract rifle in 45/70 with a trapdoor barrel and sight, with a bolt action that feeds through a 6 shot tube in the buttstock!   Pistol scores were great again this month, people are really getting good.  See you next year!

Rifle results:

Frank Burke 1898 Krag 194-10V
Ted Schrader 1903 springfield 185-4V
Jason LeCorre 1903A3 182-8V
Allen Flanagan M-39 181-5V
Curtis Choy swiss 1911 long rifle 176-4V
Allen Harper 1896 Swede 174-5V
Ed Perry M1A 174-4V
Bob G. 1917 Enfield 173-4V
Eric Johnson Hotchkiss 1879 106-1V
Steve Christianson 1903A3 DNF

Pistol Results:

Frank Burke 1911A1 475-31X
Eric Johnson Victory Model 466-22X
Bob G M&P 463-20X
Allen Harper HiPower 444-13X
Ed Perry SAA 442-14X
Curtis Choy Makarov 439-9X
Allen Flanagan Tokarev 437-8X
Steve Christianson SAA 332-5X

Sunday, September 3, 2017

September 2017 results

It was quite warm, but no wind and we had a pretty decent turnout considering the 3 day weekend and several shooters on trips.  Theme was Sniper, and we had an original 1903A4, a repro, and a PU sniper take part.  Was nice to see Ted and Jason again.  Allen Harper shot a great offhand score of 94 with his M1A while shooting to second place.  In pistol, Olivia shot a great score with her VZ-61 just beating her brothers best score by 2 x's.  Allan shot a nice score with his HiPower and Jim shot a nice score for his second ever pistol match. Fortunately I brought a spare pistol and ammo since I planned on shooting my swiss 1929 revolver but wound up bringing a box of primed brass, not loaded ammo, I guess I'm becoming one of "those guys"...jeez.  Last match of the year will be October, hope to see you there.

Rifle Results:

Frank Burke 1903A4 297-23V
Allen Harper M1A 278-7V
Ed Perry 1903A4 275-10V
Ted Schrader M1 269-5V
Jason LeCorre 1903 265-6V
Curtis Choy PU sniper 255-5V
Jim Kratochvil M1 209-0V
Steve Christianson 1903A4 529-3V(I don't know how he got 529 out of 300:)

Pistol Results:

Frank Burke SAA 479-35x
Olivia Burke VZ-61 470-24x
Allen Harper HiPower 445-10x
Ed Perry SAA 433-12x
Curtis Choy 1903 colt 399-6x
Jim Kratochvil 1911A1 393-5x
Steve Christianson SAA  329-2x

Saturday, August 5, 2017

August 2017 results

We had beautiful weather, and a decent turnout, a bit light, but did have one new shooter, welcome to Jim!  Allen shot a great score with this M1 to win the rifle match, I was just behind with Allen and Bob rounding out the top 50%.   Pistol had really good scores with Bob right on my tail with his M&P and Olivia and Eric neck and neck, and Allen F just out x-ing Allen Harper with his Nagant pistol.  John Benjamin joined us with his scoped match rifle to test some loads and then drug out his browning hipower he bought in germany in 1972 to shoot the pistol match with us.  Next month is the 60 shot sniper match, but you are welcome to bring any vintage military rifle as usual.  See you then.

Rifle Results:

Allen Flanagan M1 194-5V
Frank Burke Swede 96 191-7V
Allen Harper 1903 184-5V
Bob G. 1917 170-6V
Eric Johnson 1903 170-4V
Dean Wygal 1903Mk1 162-6V
Steve Christianson 1903A3 153-1V
Jim Kratochvil M1 139-1V

Pistol Results:

Frank Burke SAA 479-34x
Bob G. M&P 472-17x
Olivia Burke 1911R1 456-13x
Eric Johnson 1907 Swede 456-11x
Allen Flanagan Nagant 437-15x
Allen Harper Hipower 437-10x
Steve Christianson 390-7x
Jim Kratochvil 1911A1 384-5x
John Benjamin Hipower 384-5x

Saturday, July 1, 2017

July 2017 Results

We had really nice cool weather for the match today and turnout was good.  For fourth of July weekend everybody was shooting an American rifle, either an M1A, M1 or AR-15/SP1 as theme was korea/vietnam.  Scores were very good today.  In pistol, everyone has upped their game with six shooters above 460,  and Tim is really nipping at my heels with his P-38/P1.  Olivia shot a very good score with her first time with a single action army pistol.

Here are the results:


Frank Burke SP1 390-21V
Eric Johnson M1A 380-14V
Allen Harper M1A 379-12V
Allen Flanagan M1 373-11V
Ted Schrader M1 360-7V
Curtis Choy M1A 354-4V
Steve Christianson M1 313-5V

Tim Roark SP1 Match rifle 386-31V
Bob Etzkorn M1A Match rifle 379-15V


Frank Burke 1911A1 478-34X
Tim Roark P1 477-35X
Olivia Burke SAA 469-18X
Allen Flanagan 1917 Colt 462-22X
Bob Etzkorn M&P 462-14X
Allen Harper HiPower 442-11X
Steve Christianson SAA 373-4X
Curtis Choy M-57 Tok 349-5X

Eric Johnson Single Six 475-21X

Saturday, June 3, 2017

June 2017 Match results

Small turnout today, short and sweet.  Ed had a really pretty orginal SC 1903A3 with some beautiful wood, Curtis drove his sidecar motorcycle down with his FR-8 to join us.  We were done by 11:45 with rifle and pistol.  Pistol turned out to be a battle between single action army pistols:)

Rifle Results:

Frank Burke M1A 197-15V
Ed Perry 1903A3 174-1V
Allen Harper M1(308) 168-4V
Curtis Choy FR-8 162-3V
Steve Christianson 1903A3 159

Pistol Results:

Frank Burke SAA 478-35X
Ed Perry SAA 451-15X
Steve Christianson SAA 403-4X
Allen Harper P-1 382-7X